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Hematology and Oncology Specialist

Dr. Arati Chand is a compassionate oncologist and hematologist, dedicated to providing exceptional care to her patients. With a focus on personalized treatment and a commitment to advancing medical science, she brings expertise  and compassion to every case, ensuring the best possible outcomes for those under her care.


Dr. Arati Chand, an accomplished oncologist and hematologist, brings a rich tapestry of experiences to her practice, including fluency in Hindi. She earned her undergraduate degree and medical degrees from Nalanda Medical College in Bihar, India and completed her internship and residency at Texas Tech University, where she distinguished herself as Chief Resident. Dr. Chand further specialized in Oncology/Hematology through a fellowship at Atlanta Medical Center. Her journey in medicine is fueled by her passion for exploration, reflected in her travels with family to embrace diverse cultures and cuisines. They share love for the outdoors, often found hiking, biking, and camping, embodying a holistic approach to life and healing.

Address: 1700 East Cesar Chavez Ave ste 3450, Los Angeles, CA 90033, USA

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