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At Cancer and Blood Specialty Clinic, we provide comprehensive care for patients with cancer and blood disorders using a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach. We care for the whole person and put the needs of our patients at the center of everything that we do. Our goal is to maximize patient outcomes and quality of life while minimizing the potential side effects of therapy.

At CBS Clinic, you have access to a full range of leading-edge hematology and medical oncology services and support programs. Our nationally distinguished hematologists and medical oncologists provide personalized, integrated care for all types of cancers, ranging from common cancers, such as lung, breast, colorectal and prostate cancers to far less common cancers like myelodysplastic syndrome and sarcomas. We're also actively involved in cancer research so you can benefit from the latest therapies.

Hematology and medical oncology services are offered at multiple locations.



Targeted Treatments

Supportive treatment

Infusion services


People start experiencing the great urge to cough. Usually, the cough is dry.

Sore Throat

The pain is not sharp, yet it causes a dry cough. It may be hard to swallow.

Shortness of Breath

You are not able to take a deep breath because of extremely sharp lung pain.


People start experiencing fever in 4-5 days. Prior to this, you just feel weak.

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Emergency Contact

For urgent assistance outside of clinic hours:

  • Call 911 for emergencies
  • Contact our on-call physicians

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