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As a new patient at Cancer and Blood Specialty Clinic, we want you to feel comfortable and confident about your care. That is why we created the helpful checklists below, to help prepare for your first visit. We also ask that you also print out and complete a full set of patient forms before you arrive.
At CBSC, we take the time to thoroughly evaluate every new patient, so your initial consultation may take 1-2 hours. We ask that you plan accordingly.
What to bring:
Your insurance information: Bring your insurance card or any additional insurance information.
Photo ID: Bring two forms of identification, including one photo ID. This includes a driver’s
license, passport, military/school ID card, etc.
New patient forms: Please fill out all new patient forms and bring them with you. Click here to
print the forms.
Medications: Bring a full list of your current medications and dosage.
List of questions: Write down any questions you have, so you don’t forget to ask your physician
at your visit.
Paper and pen: Be sure to take notes during your visit, so you have them to refer to and share
with loved ones.
A friend or loved one: Whenever possible, bring along a friend or loved one to your appointments. They provide valuable support and serve as an extra pair of eyes and ears to ensure good communication.
What to expect:
Your physician: The physician you are scheduled to see at your initial consultation will remain
your primary provider throughout treatment. At your first visit, you meet the doctor for a new
patient evaluation.
Length of visit: We take the time to conduct a thorough evaluation at your consultation, so a
first visit can last one to two hours. We ask that you plan accordingly.
Additional tests, x-rays or scans or lab work: Your physician may request additional tests, x-rays
or scans to best guide your treatment including clinical trial evaluation. It is important that once
you have completed to please follow up in order to go over the results as frequently we may not
receive the results automatically.

About us
Welcome to the Cancer and Blood Specialty Clinic (CBSC), a leading provider of comprehensive care for cancers and other blood disorders. Our team of highly trained and experienced hematologists and oncologists is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care, using the latest advances in medicine and technology.

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