Oncology is the treatment of cancer diseases. Cancer cells are normal cells that have developed an error that makes them grow uncontrollably and faster than normal. Cancer can form from any normal cell type in the body and can sometimes travel to the area around or further away from where it started. A cancer derives its name from the location where it first started. For example, breast cancer is a cancer cell that started in the breast, even if it has traveled outside of the breast. By knowing where all the cancer is in the body you can give the cancer a “stage”. The treatment of cancer may be with surgery (cutting cancer out with a scalpel), radiation (using invisible energy beams to destroy cancer cells), or medical therapy such as chemotherapy. Our specialty at Cancer and Blood Specialty clinic is the use of medical therapy but we work in conjunction with your other physicians that may be doing surgery or radiation treatments

Hematology is the treatment of blood diseases. These disorders may be something you were born with or develop in your lifetime. Usually these cause your blood cells to be too high, too low, or to function in a way they are not suppose to function. Treatment of blood diseases may include blood transfusions, medications to increase or decrease your blood values, blood thinning medications, or sometimes just following without treatment

Chemotherapy: This is a chemical designed specifically to kill cancer cells by disrupting it ability to divide and grow. There are many different types of chemotherapy and not all chemotherapy will work for all cancers. In addition, each chemotherapy may have specific and different side effects. For each type of cancer previous research has found the optimum chemotherapy most likely to help with that specific disease. Most chemotherapy is administered through an intravenous line but some can be taken by mouth in pill form.

Targeted therapy: unlike chemotherapy which can kill many different types of cells in the body including cancer cells and normal cells, targeted therapy was developed to “target” or go after a specific error in the cancer cell that allows it to grow. Often this will allow for treatment of your disease with less side effects. Not all cancers have available targeted therapies but more and more are being developed

Immunotherapy: This is a type of therapy that takes advantage of the body’s own immune system to root out and destroy cancer cells. This can include medicine that makes your immune system more active or it can include procedures to take your cancer cells and develop an immune medicine to target those cancer cells

The above treatments are chosen by your doctor to be the most effective while trying to minimize side effects. But during treatment you may have some abnormal symptoms. Please let your doctor know if you develop:

  • Chills and Fevers of 100.5 or higher
  • Severe nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Rash
  • Bleeding
  • Severe weakness
  • Numbness of the fingers or toes
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