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About Us

Welcome to the Cancer and Blood Specialty Clinic (CBSC), a leading provider of comprehensive care for cancers and other blood disorders. Our team of highly trained and experienced hematologists and oncologists is dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible care, using the latest advances in medicine and technology.

Diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer

including leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.
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Treatment of other hematologic disorders

such as anemia, low blood counts and sickle cell disease.
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Supportive Care

such as counseling, nutrition counseling, and pain management.
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Our Team

Dr. Eric Cheung

Hematology & Oncology Specialist

Dr. Eddie Thara

Hematology & Oncology Specialist

Dr. Merrill Shum

Hematology & Oncology Specialist

Dr. Vu Phan

Hematology & Oncology Specialist
What our clients say


Dr. Eddie Thara has been my oncologist for the last 2yrs. I would not replace him for no other doctor. He is Polite, caring, and always in a good spirit. He is Knowledgeable and attentive to my health. He spends quality time with me and listens/pays attention to my complaints/needs. I’m so bless to have found him to help me with my ovarian cancer.


I absolutely cannot say enough about this Doctor. He has saved my life two times. I’m a walking testimony and a cancer survivor. Doctor Vu is my hero. I think he is the best and his bed side manners are second to none. This man is the epitome of professionalism and he speaks to you in lay mans terms so you can understand what he is saying. I love this man!!!


I highly Recommend This Dr., I went to him for my Breast Cancer. And I am SO full of Questions and Dr. Vu is The Kindest Caring Sweetest most knowledgeable and he explains things in layman’s terms. He has excellent bed side manners.. I am so happy I found this Dr!! He’s awesome!


I finally found the doctor for me . Dr. Phan is very knowledgeable and compassionate. He’s willing to spend the time needed to with my family and I to discuss treatment plans. I highly recommend this office.


My dad was being treated by another oncologist. We went to Dr. Phan for a second opinion. He was insightful. Very kind and compassionate. He really took the time to explain to my dad and the rest of the family what was going on. This kind of service is rare nowadays. When we had additional questions, we called him. To our surprise, he returned the phone call immediately. Very nice doctor! Highly recommended.


I was very fortunate to be referred to Dr. Phan through my breast surgeon. I have had treatment for my breast cancer and had a lack luster relationship with my oncologist. I was seeking a physician that would listen to my concerns and be a true partner in my care. Dr. Phan exceeded my expectations. He spent more than 1 hour with me and proceeded to go over every biopsy and test that had been taken in a year. His smile is infectious and you can see his enthusiasm for your treatment plan. He said I could call with a question any time and he would return my call- and he truly will. The office staff is friendly and efficient. I worked via email until my appointment. I am completely confident that this office will be my partner in health care for a long time. As a daughter of s physician, I know the dedication that most doctors have. I am confident that if you are able to become one of his patients, you will see that drive and work ethic that many doctors are lacking in this modern era post private insurance and HMO. Please give Dr. Phan a chance to see you as a patient. It can be so discouraging to find doctors that are not willing to listen to you. This doctor is the complete opposite, and you will be surprised.


Dr. Cheung put me at ease right away, I felt like I was in more than capable hands. He is a great listener, empathetic and truly cares for his patients. His staff is professional, kind and accommodating.

Daniel B

Dr. Eric Cheung provides professional service and takes the time to listen to you. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I started with Dr. Cheung several years ago, then switched offices and now am back with him again. I have confidence in him and am glad he is helping me stay healthy. I would rate Dr. Cheung and his staff five stars.

Joe B

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