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LEVELTRAC is a leveling system that is designed to go beneath a door to make it level to a certain height. It is used to install doors of all sizes, but it is specifically designed to achieve accuracy while installing large doors where cement fails to maintain a certain level over a large distance. LEVELTRAC eliminates the needs of partial support and improves door overall performance. Doors fixed using LEVELTRAC doors function more smoothly as compared to others. Polk Architectural proudly boasts about its product and urges everyone to use it for good.
Level Up with LEVELTRAC
Universally Accepted

LEVELTRAC was made to help home builders and architects achieve immense accuracy while installing large door systems. LEVELTRAC comes with several widths to accommodate differently sized units. Our product can be customized to fit all sizes and is accepted by professional home craftsmen across the globe.

Easy Assembly

It is very easy to assemble and use LEVELTRAC. Assemble all the given parts and place the large door system on top. Use leveling screws with laser and tape to level the track and attain the desired height. Once leveled, use the provided screws to install the system.

Zero Trip Hazards

Using a LEVELTRAC system allows you to maintain a high degree of level accuracy, provides solid support beneath the entire door sill, and lets the door be set at a desired height/elevation to eliminate all trip hazards.

Complete solutions for sliding & folding doors installation by premium door system experts

We uphold a pledge to serve every client seamlessly and devotedly. Polk Architectural offers professional door installations for all residential and commercial clients.

Perfection Guaranteed

Brains and hands that work tirelessly have the most unconventional approach. Our team has the most brilliant minds working together to achieve perfection for our clients.

High-Quality Materials

We implement a stringent protocol of using only the best materials for the job. We believe in quality above everything else.

Professionals at Helm

Polk Architectural is a team of highly trained professionals and experts with years of experience. Every calculation and installation challenge laid on them is catered to with perfection.

100% Satisfaction

Focusing on client satisfaction and the overall outlook of the interior, we go the extra mile to achieve excellence and perfection in all that we do.

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Simple Yet Effective

Six easy steps to make it work

Step #1

Evaluate and assess the location of the door threshold.

Step #2

Insert LEVELTRAC shim into the opening.


Step #3

Manually configure the height by adjusting leveling screws.

Step #4

Use tape and laser to achieve pinpoint accuracy.

Step #5

Produce perfect level cement surface by pouring cement into trac location.


Step #6

Voila, Install door, finish flooring.