Here is a list of services
provided at our clinic

Blood and Cancer disorders are complex diseases that have many specialized treatment options. Learn about the different types of diagnoses and therapeutics available for your condition Financial Counseling. Often, for those in need, our specialist.
Our physician  will contact the other members of your treatment team to coordinate your  total care before and after the completion of your office visits.

Bone Marrow Biopsies

Bone marrow biopsies entail a minor surgical procedure to extract bone marrow from your pelvic bone so that we can determine the root cause of low blood counts, bone marrow malfunction, and other disorders.


Family conference

Decisions for treatment are often complex and we understand these decisions are often made in conjunction with the important people in your life. We provide services, such as family conferences, that will allow your family to help you with making these choices that are in your best interest

Clinical trials

We feature a growing complement of clinical trials across many different cancer subtypes that allow early access for our patients to the newest, most advanced regimens and therapies currently being investigated.

Financial Counseling

We have a team dedicated to navigating the complex financial and insurance pathways to get you the most effective and efficient treatment for your condition. We work with you every step of the way to make sure these decision are in your best interest

Nutrition counseling

For cancer and preventative care, nutritional aspects play an important role. Your physician and team members will help direct you to the best dietary interventions to help with your continued treatment.

24/7 availability of our physician

We know the treatment of blood and cancer disorders requires constant attention, especially when under treatment. Thus, we have contact and call options at any time of the day you should require help that is staffed by physicians and other trained personnel.

Infusion center for chemotherapy

The Cancer and Blood Specialty Clinic has multiple locations throughout Southern California. Each of our complete clinical centers includes an on-site infusion center with specialized treatment staff and equipment that can administer state of the art, modern medical therapies